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Adam Henson visits Alison Smith professional sheepdog trainer, looking for a new fully trained replacement sheepdog for his farm in the Cotswolds.

For more information or to book your dog in for training, please contact:

Alison Smith
A.D.S. Sheepdog Training
Gatehouse Farm
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8QD

Telephone: 07891 735139

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Sheep Dog Training Bluith Wells

A.D.S Sheepdog Training is run by Alison Smith, a competent and experienced sheepdog handler with a wealth of experience gained from more than 18 years of training sheepdogs for work on farms and for competition in sheepdog trials.

Alison is a well known and successful competitor at sheepdog trials who boards sheepdogs for training to work sheep for farm and trial purposes. Handler tuition is also given. Alison has a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Science, allowing her to underpin her training methods with scientific knowledge of animal physiology, behaviour and nutrition.

A.D.S Sheepdog Training offers the following services:

  • Dogs boarded for training to work sheep
  • One-to-one handler tuition
  • Tuition for groups of handlers
  • Top class dogs at stud
  • Puppies and trained dogs for sale
  • Help with all aspects of pet dog behaviour and obedience (any breed)

Only kind training methods are used and problem dogs are a speciality. All dogs boarded for training are looked after to the highest standards and receive at least an hour of exercise per day in addition to training. Individual diets can also be catered for, according to owner preference.

For more information email:  

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Thanks to Austin Bennett for the photos.